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Once upon a time in beautiful South Somerset, two sisters were clearing out their mother's attic and discovered a hoard of wonderful hidden treasures.... 

This inspired our fabulous online store offering unique one-offs, must have's and just wants! We both love upcycling and acquiring quality and pre-loved items which are distinctive and often exquisite. With our individual tastes we are sure our goodies will offer something for everyone.

We have three categories; Collectables & Gorgeousness, Art In The Attic and Quirky Corner providing you with a great choice of lovely products.

...and guess what? Our prices include FREE postage and packing within mainland UK! 

Get Your Kit On Product Category

Collectables & Gorgeousness

A place where we cache all the beautiful and elegant collectables & treasures we discover for your perusal.

Art In The Attic

This is our artwork section which features original, unique pieces by a local Somerset artist.

Quirky Corner Product Category

Quirky Corner

In this little space, we gather all things curious, distinctive and wacky! 

Chest in Attic

A Bit About Us

Amanda on Sharon

Hmmm, what can I say about my big sister without her bopping me one ... (only jokin'!). Sharons' style is mostly neat and classic with clean lines and muted shades although more often than not, she'll bam a bright and crazy colour right in the mix too. It works! She has a love of all things uncluttered and is appreciative of objects that amuse. She adds a touch of class to her world.

Sharon on Amanda

"Play nicely" she said when I suggested writing a bit about each other! Receiving gifts from my sister is always a great experience! They are so personal and often 'outside the box' that I just love them. She seems to have the knack for finding unusual things....take a look at 'Quirky Corner' as you will see her influence there.

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